Fertility Naturopath Perth: Testimonials

Thanks, Michael.
I couldn’t have believed it would happen so quickly on the homeopathic remedies. After trying for two years and seven months of IVF treatment, I have to say that to fall pregnant in one month on your treatment is really amazing!
A lot of my friends are sceptical because they don’t think it could work so quickly. But because I felt so much better in my energy and slept so much better from three days into the naturopathic treatment, I know it has to be your remedies that fixed my fertility problem…


Dear Michael,
I wanted to give you an update. You treated me for infertility last year and up to about Feb/March this year. If you recall, I had one fallopian tube removed and had 3 unsuccessful attempts at IUI. I stopped my treatment with you because my husband and I moved to Dubai. Well, we had the most wonderful of surprises after being in Dubai for one week. Yup, I fell pregnant, totally naturally! It was the one month we were not specifically “trying” as well!
I am now 34 weeks gone and have had a really great pregnancy, very easy and enjoyable. I thought you would be pleased to hear my progress and I thank you for my treatment. Although I had stopped it when I became pregnant, I am sure that your treatment and also your advice really helped me in preparation and played a big part in me falling pregnant naturally.
Thank you!


Hi Michael,
I just had to let you know that I am now pregnant! That was after only two months of your remedies… and after two years of trying on my own, and more than a year of IVF. I could feel the difference in how I felt almost immediately. It was the most normal and natural menstrual cycle I had ever had. No PMS and no period pain at all! Also my hay fever was better straight away and I have had more energy ever since.
I will keep my next appointment and I would like to keep up treatment through my pregnancy.
Many thanks,


Dear Michael,
I wanted to tell you about the birth of my beautiful baby daughter, Phoebe. I know that we wouldn’t have her without your treatment for my infertility, so please feel free to use this as a recommendation for others…. As you know, I hadn’t had periods for years due to my PCOS and within two months of treatment my cycle had returned and I was pregnant within another month.
Thank you so much


Dear Michael,
I would like to let you know about the arrival of our healthy baby boy, Dylan.
Thanks so much for helping me conceive, and for all your help through my pregnancy….After all my difficulties falling pregnant and after three successive miscarriages, I know it was your assistance, support and remedies that got me through…The homeopathics you gave me for labour helped too.
I would be very happy to recommend you to any woman or couple with fertility or miscarriage concerns.


Hi Michael,
Thanks for helping me fall pregnant after two months and for helping me through my pregnancy problems. At 43 years of age and after trying for three years naturally and not wanting to consider IVF (we had heard too many horror stories), we had almost given up hope…
We will be bringing Sienna along to meet you at our next visit!


Thanks, Michael
Not only have you helped me with my energy levels and chronic fatigue, my period pain and my depression, but after three months I was pregnant as well, after taking no precautions for several years. You warned me that might happen, but although we were not actually trying, that was a welcome surprise.



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