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Our approach to natural fertility management at this Perth clinic has evolved through much study and experience over more than twenty-five years in practice. In some respects there is no difference between our approaches to a case involving infertility than that of any other presenting complaint; but there are also some important modifications to the general approach that we have found necessary.

Naturopathy and homeopathy treat the patient as a whole. There may be a typical spectrum of reasons why a woman has fertility issues or is infertile: endometriosis or PCOS or PCOD, PID, pelvic or tubal scarring or adhesions, short luteal phase, irregularities of oestrogen or progesterone, candida, blood sugar problems or issues following the use of the contraceptive pill; and many others.

While we may focus on these, these problems are treated holistically for their full spectrum of symptoms in conjunction with all other aspects of the person: mentally, emotionally and physically.

In many cases there is no obvious reason for infertility. Homeopathic and naturopathic approaches attempt to look below the superficial level of “reasons”. Even where there is a definable reason, we need to understand the predisposing factors and the balance of health in that person. What led the problem to get to that stage in the first place?

Homeopathy believes that the body as a whole is regulated by organising intelligence that was historically called the Vital Force. Today we can better understand that as the energy of life itself.

Any crisis in health first occurs at the level of the life energy, although the catalyst for that change may come from inside or outside the body. That disturbance is then reflected on symptoms that manifest on all three levels: mental, emotional and physical. It is only when the problem becomes sufficiently advanced that tissue changes occur and it is recognisable to the medical practitioner as a definite disease.

But homeopathy and naturopathy is able to recognise and treat those imbalances at the early stage by investigating the symptoms on the three levels. These are the cases the doctor has no answer for, because there is no disease as yet.

That is why we can successfully treat the majority of cases of unexplained infertility. Many women’s fertility is impaired simply because they are unhealthy: not unhealthy enough to have a disease; but below par in their life energy. They will have symptoms of imbalance on one or more levels of the mind, the emotions or the physical body, and they may have predisposing inherited weaknesses. All of these things can all be addressed.

They may be overstressed, overworked, not sleeping well or eating well. A naturopath with special training in homeopathy is able to perceive that pattern in the patient and provide the remedies or advice that aids the life energy in dealing with that imbalance.

Having said that, through our long study and experience we have identified certain remedies, procedures and combinations that help restore fertility in the majority of cases; but even these are individualised. So our treatment will involve a judicious arrangement of what we know works, together with remedies for your individual case. These help address any underlying pathology and help re-establish balance and harmony. In this way we help improve your emotional, physical and mental health and bring your body back to a fertile state.

In the first consultation we will do an assessment that takes into account all areas of your body and emotional state. We will begin with analysis of the menstrual cycle and reproductive function, as they are most obviously relevant to fertility. Cycle length, ovulation timing, pre-menstrual and period symptoms, duration and flow will be noted. We will enquire about other parameters of health, notably energy levels, diet and exercise, sleep patterns and emotional health and stress response.

Then questions will be asked about all other body systems, the past medical history and family medical history. In this way we build up a picture of your pattern and health, which enables us to provide you with homeopathic remedies to treat your unique pattern of imbalance.

The next consultation will be booked for a time after your next menstrual period would be expected. That is usually within two to four weeks. Subsequent consultations after that are at routine monthly intervals. We suggest you give the treatment a minimum of four months commitment.

More than 85% of women are pregnant in that time. We think it is worth persevering for at least six months; but after that time, if pregnancy is not achieved, we only suggest you continue if you can see benefits on your health in general.

At each subsequent consultation, our main focus will be on assessing the symptoms of your menstrual cycle: the timing, ovulation factors including cervical mucus changes, premenstrual symptoms and period symptoms. We can usually see improvement in these parameters within the first month. As well, we expect to see improvements in your energy levels, sleep patterns and emotional wellbeing if these things were below par in the first place. Then we will enquire about any other areas that we identified in the first consultation. Depending on changes and overall response, a further prescription will be made for following month.

The same remedies that are prescribed to increase your fertility are usually the same ones that would help you maintain your pregnancy. We will advise you individually, but we do not suggest you stop the treatment as soon as you become pregnant. Our advice is to continue for at least the first trimester, to ensure a viable and healthy pregnancy and to deal with any issues such as nausea of pregnancy and tendency to miscarriage. The best scenario would be regular monitoring through pregnancy, at least six weekly to deal with any issues affecting the outcome and the health of the child.

Finally, we must mention the important issue of male fertility. We definitely suggest the male partner also undergo treatment, although our experience is that we only manage to see the man in about 25% of cases. Studies suggest that at least 30% of all cases of infertility are due to problems with the male (although our experience suggests we can bypass that deficiency in many cases by improving receptivity in the female). Certainly it is crucial where there are specific problems of sperm motility, morphology or low sperm count.

That is the way it is, because men are often resistant to dealing with any health issue. But even in cases where these things have been found to be normal there are benefits; and improvement in the general health of the man can make all the difference to his female partner falling pregnant.

Although, for treatment, the male must be seen at the first visit, for follow up consultations it is usually sufficient for the woman to report on his progress at her subsequent visits. You will see on the page Fees and costs there is little additional charge made for the second partner after the initial visit.

Fertility Naturopath Perth Patient Information


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