Thrush & Candida Treatment

Persistent Thrush is not only very common but also can be very intrusive in your relationships.

Fertility Naturopath Perth: Homeopathy and Naturopathic Treatment of Thrush and Candida

Fertility treatment at our naturopathic clinic often involves dealing with thrush and candida. Because this is also a general practice, we also see men, women and children for all manner of health problems; and we find that candida is a common problem in many cases in all groups. But it presents a special complication in cases of infertility.

It is hard to say whether candida is a cause of infertility or a result of other factors impinging on fertility. It is usually a little of both. Thrush in the vagina can affect the quality of vaginal mucus, thereby creating a hostile environment for sperm. It can also further contribute to PMS, menstrual irregularities, chronic UTI’s and cystitis.

Furthermore, the oestrogen dominance that is thought to be a leading cause of infertility by promoting the growth of fibroids, endometriosis, cysts and PCOS, also supports the growth of the candida organisms responsible for thrush in the vagina and throughout the gastro-intestinal tract, further compounding the issue.

The physiological factors are complex, and orthodox medicine is often unsuccessful at eradicating the problem. However, at this Perth clinic we have evolved an efficient approach to the problem of treating candida with homeopathic medicine, aided by dietary and lifestyle changes that are not at all restrictive. Most naturopaths will put women on very restrictive diets and multiple numbers of supplements. Our approach is far more simple, easy and inexpensive.

The most obvious and recognised symptom of candida is thrush in the vagina. It can also affect the mouth, tongue and throat. What is less accepted by doctors is that it can affect the whole gastrointestinal system. In turn, this may be a contributing factor in chronic fatigue, general poor health and immunity and food allergies and intolerances.

In a healthy gut, the naturally occurring candida is kept under control by the immune system and beneficial microbes such as lactobacilli, bifidobacteria and others. These systemic symptoms can occur when the simple yeast form of the thrush organism changes into an invasive fungal form. These fungi can then penetrate the intestinal lining and cause what is known as “leaky gut syndrome”.

The cause of this change of form from a yeast to a fungus can be due to a number of factors. A poor diet high in refined foods and unhealthy fats, inadequate dietary fibre, impaired immune function due to stress or illness and food sensitivities and environmental toxins all contribute. Furthermore the use of drugs such as steroids, the contraceptive Pill and antibiotics suppress the immune system, upset the balance of hormones and cause proliferation of candida. As most know, the use of antibiotics also disturbs the normal bowel flora that helps keep it in check.

This “leaky gut” or intestinal permeability allows the passage of incompletely digested food particles to enter the circulatory system. This can set off a range of sensitivity reactions to certain foods and contribute to true allergies.

The following is a range of symptoms that can be caused by candidiasis or systemic yeast overgrowth that we commonly treat at this Perth clinic:

  • General: fatigue and lethargy, migraines and headaches, dizziness, weakness, visual disturbance, muscle pain, chemical sensitivity and craving for sweets and carbohydrates
  • Mental and emotional: Irritability, confusion, memory loss, poor concentration, “brain fog”, depression, anxiety and insomnia
  • Gastrointestinal: oral thrush, wind and bloating, rectal itching, diarrhoea, constipation, symptoms of IBS and food sensitivities
  • Genitourinary: vaginal thrush and vaginitis, menstrual irregularities, PMT and PMS, bladder and urinary tract infections (UTI’s) or cystitis
  • Skin: acne, hives, eczema, fungal nail infections, fungal skin infections, including tinea, ringworm, dandruff and “jock itch”.

Candida feeds on sugar, so one of the essential dietary requirements in its treatment is the elimination of sugar and unrefined carbohydrates. Many people find this difficult, because candida itself causes fermentation in the intestines, resulting in bloating and gas, and converting sugars into alcohol, which further destabilises blood sugar levels. The end result is that the patient craves sugar as if it were a drug!

Homeopathic treatment at this clinic will take into account the full spectrum of symptoms, including the sweet addiction. Patients will usually find that not only do their symptoms abate but the sugar cravings also improve and become more manageable.

Some dietary guidelines will certainly be given to deal with this persistent problem, but we do not find necessary the extremely restrictive diets and multiple supplement approach that most naturopaths use for candida. As with all complaints treated at this Perth clinic, our experience shows that a commonsense approach to healthy eating and holistic homeopathic treatment helps resolve the problem quickly. This can usually be achieved with a minimal number of remedies and dietary changes.

Homeopathy and Naturopathic Treatment of Thrush and Candida Perth


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