Fertility Naturopath Perth: Fees and Costs

The cost of our natural fertility treatment is quite affordable for most people. This is because our therapy homeopathy is low dose and relatively inexpensive compared to other naturopathic approaches. We also believe it is the most effective treatment option. If necessary, we will combine it with naturopathic dietary and lifestyle advice; but we will not load you up with hundreds of dollars worth of supplements at each visit.

Furthermore, when you compare it to the average fees in Perth of around than $6,500 for a similar six months of treatment of IVF, our costs of around $1000 to $1,500 all up appear modest, especially when you consider that by far the majority women are pregnant within three to four months on our program.

We do recommend that you continue for at least the first trimester to assist the pregnancy and reduce the risk of miscarriage; but not all women choose to do that and it is of course optional.

Also consider the fact that we help you achieve pregnancy by restoring your body and mind to health on all levels. The benefits are more than just the restoration of fertility. Most women and their male partners experience enhanced energy and sleeping patterns and improvement in any other areas of imbalance like headaches, allergies and skin problems, digestive problems and immunity, and the women experience better menstrual cycles and periods.

The treatment will help deal with PMS and PMT, irregularities of the cycle, period pains, thrush and candida, and help resolve underlying pathologies that may be contributing to the infertility: polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis or fibroids or pelvic scarring or adhesions affecting the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes. Even in a short period of time, in the first month or two, women can experience and improvement of the symptoms related to these problems.

The fees costs are outlined below. The only variation will be because our treatment is individual and different numbers of remedies are needed by different women and partners, but we can say that in the vast majority of cases, for one partner, the costs will be in the region of $1000 to $1500 for six months of treatment, and very little more for two partners, as you will see below. We do ask you to give a minimum of four months for the treatment and up to six months. It is up to your discretion to continue beyond six months.

Initial fertility consultation fee: Up to one hour: $120. For two partners, one is charged at half price, making the fee $180. For a limited time, if you mention this website you may claim a 10% discount, reducing the fee to $108, or $162 for two partners.

Return fertility consultation fee: Up to half an hour: $78. You partner is charged only a nominal extra $5 at this point, plus remedy costs.

Remedy/medicine costs for fertility treatment: These will vary, usually between $60 and $110, with the average cost being around $80, and usually much less for the male partner.

Family discounts (general non-fertility consultations): Substantial discounts apply for financially dependent children or family members living under the same roof, and seen at the same visit. For the initial consultation, after the initial fee, other family members will be charged at half price. For follow ups, a more substantial discount applies: only the one return fee ($78) will be charged plus 5$ each for subsequent family members, plus their remedy costs.

Phone consultations: Currently our Association registration only covers us for face to face consultations for the initial treatment. Return naturopathic/homeopathic consultations may be done by phone for country WA clients and for those who cannot travel. Phone consultations are charged at the same rate as regular consultations, plus postage at cost.

Health fund cover: All health funds cover a proportion of our naturopathic and homeopathic consultation, provided you have that level of cover. Medicines are not covered.

No over the counter sales: Treatments and medicines may only be individually prescribed and dispensed after a consultation. Patients who have been coming for some time and remain on the same medicine or maintenance treatment may need to be monitored less frequently; they may have the time between visits lengthened, but the same applies.

That is the requirement of the law in Australia for naturopaths, homeopaths and other practitioners, as set down by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. It is also a requirement of our Association membership, and upon which our health fund provider status depends.

Fertility Naturopath Perth: Fees and Costs


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